The factory of Xi 'an Feida Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic Wutun Town, Yanliang District, Xi 'an. The Wutun town of Yanliang District is located in the central part of Guanzhong Plain, 70 kilometers northeast of Xi 'an, and 7 kilometers away from Yan Liang, the aircraft city of China.

The town is surrounded by two rivers, flat terrain, fertile land, tree-lined, five channels.

Four seasons, pleasant climate, is a warm temperate continental monsoon climate, phase jujube, eggs dairy products and other characteristics of the famous 800 li Qinchuan.

    Superior investment environment, three-dimensional transportation in all directions.

50 kilometers away from Xianyang International Airport of Xi 'an Airport, close to Xihan, Xiyan, Longhai railway, 108 national road, 107 provincial road converged here, Xi Yan expressway accelerated the connection between the town and the surrounding.

In recent years, the town Party committee and government have formulated a variety of preferential policies, constantly optimize the investment environment, increase the intensity of investment, speed up the construction of small towns, new five kilometers of road around the city, planning the construction of 300 acres of township enterprise park, for the majority of customers to create a better and better investment environment

    Township enterprises have formed construction, color printing, dairy processing, paper-making packaging as the leading four pillar industries, and pure natural plant extracts as a new enterprise in recent years the momentum of development is also relatively rapid.