At present, at least one third of the global population belongs to the sensitive muscle group, and the proportion of the Chinese market sensitive muscle group is as high as more than 40%.

The world's population is 7.5 billion, China's population is 1.4 billion.

That is to say, there are at least 2.5 billion people with sensitive muscles in the world, and 560 million people with sensitive muscles in China.

This is a large and needy group.

Sensitive muscle group is a huge market, directly created the sensitive muscle group, such as Winona, Fri Fang silk, Bedema and other brands dedicated to the rapid rise of sensitive muscle group or applicable brands and hot sales products.

At present, the two most popular raw materials for sensitive relief and barrier repair on the market are Centella asiatica and ceramide. The following are the main products of Centella asiatica found on Taobao.



A. Centella asiatica extract: it has many functions, such as clearing heat and dampness, detoxifying swelling, inhibiting inflammation, removing scars, promoting wound healing and hair growth, etc., and has been added into products by major brands, such as L 'Oreal Paris and Sisley. Xi 'an Faitury Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. www.faitury.comlong-term production inventory of a large number of Centella asiatica extract, quality and quantity guaranteed, SC genuine factory.

B. Ceramide: It, together with free fatty acids and cholesterol in proportion (molar ratio of 1:1:1), forms the intercellular lipid bilayer structure of the skin, and is the most important component of the skin barrier.For sensitive muscles due to barrier damage, cosmetics with ceramides can help repair the skin barrier.

Ceramide is also regarded as an essential ingredient in many brands and series of products targeting sensitive skin, such as the American brand F.A.B and L 'Oreal's Align Skin, due to its multiple effects of accelerating skin barrier repair, improving skin defense, enhancing moisturizing ability, and improving skin sensitivity and dryness.

Because the sensitive muscle is picky on the composition, the new raw materials suitable for the sensitive muscle will need longer time to be tested in the market before gradually being accepted by consumers.Therefore, in 2021 and even in the future, Centella asiatica extract, ceramide and other ingredients will still occupy the mainstream of sensitive muscle cosmetics market.


For cosmetics, raw materials are the foundation of the foundation, grasp the pulse of raw materials, equivalent to the first step on the starting line.

Raw materials are important for brands, manufacturers, etc., as well as for distributors, KOLs, etc.In the market, another name for ingredients is ingredients.There is a persistent component of the "component party" in consumers, but also a "component party" after the evolution of the "efficacy party".Xi 'an Faitury Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. www.faitury.comspecializes in plant extracts for 20 years, quality assurance, stable supply.

Names such as "ingredient party" and "efficacy party" represent consumer demand.For all the enterprises and individuals involved in the operation of cosmetics market, consumer demand is a vane.

Therefore, in the current market, raw materials/ingredients are more than basic to a business or organization.Other things being similar or equal, it is easier for the enterprise that has the advantage of raw materials to stand out in the market.This will be true in 2020, and it will be true in 2021.