Xi 'an Faitury Bio-Tech Co., Ltd

Xi 'an Faitury Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive scientific and technological enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of natural plant extracts. We provide high-quality materials to industries of the global plant medicine, health food, dietary supplements, food and beverage, daily chemicals, cosmetics.  The company is located in Xi 'an High-tech Industry Development Zone, with mature research, developed team and first-class sales team.


With strong R&D and mature production capability, we continue to provide customers with high-qualified products. This is our mission, and constant pursuit. The main products are salicylic acid, quinine , quinine hydrochloric acid, quinine sulfate, soybean saponin, ginseng total saponin, panax quinoa total saponin, genistein, baicalin, Oxalic acid and more than 500 kinds of pure natural plant extracts and vegetable powder.


We believe that the best natural ingredients coming from selected raw materials and refined processes. The company has been committed to the leading position in the industry. We continue to reform and innovate to adapt to the market demand, to provide customers with more tailored service solutions, a full range of products and services to meet customer needs at a higher level, with the influence in the northwest region of plant extract industry.


Rely on parent company Xi 'an FD Bio-Tech Co., Ltd, which was founded in 2003 and covering 14k square meters, is competent to provide 14 production lines, with a complete set of extraction, column chromatography, concentration, fine separation, vacuum and spray drying equipment. The daily capacity reaches over 7 tons of medicinal materials, and vacuum drying spray exceeded 10 tons. Annual capacity is over 5000 tons of crude drugs, among which 60% products enter the international market.


Xi 'an Faitury Bio-Tech Co., Ltd adhere to the concept of "stability, development, reform and innovation" and constantly explore and innovate. With precise core technology, excellent product quality and efficient team management for the long-term development, we make sure our customers enjoy our excellent products as well as intimate high-quality service.


We sincerely hope to communicate and cooperate with our customers.