• Product Name: Black Rice Anthocyanins 25% Black Rice Extract
  • Botanical Source: Black Rice Anthocyanins 25% Black Rice Extract
  • CAS NO.: not have
  • Solvent: Water soluble
  • Specification: 25%
  • Test Method: UV
  • Appearance: Purple black powder
  • Package: 25kg/drum
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry and dark place
  • Shelf life: with a shelf life of 24 months
  • Part used: A water-soluble natural pigment extracted from black rice

Product Details

Black rice is a kind of rice that can be used for both medicine and food. It belongs to glutinous rice and is known as "tribute rice", "medicine rice" and "longevity rice". Black rice contains crude protein, crude fat, carbohydrates, crude ash, vitamins, trace elements, manganese, zinc, copper and other inorganic salts and amino acids. Black rice is a kind of characteristic variety formed by long-term cultivation of Gramineae rice. The grain types are indica and japonica, and the grain types are glutinous and non-glutinous. Brown rice is black or dark brown. Black rice is black in appearance and rich in nutrition. It has the reputation of "black pearl" and "the king of rice in the world". It is produced in many places in China, and the representative ones are black rice from Shaanxi Province, black glutinous rice from Guizhou Province and black rice from Hunan Province. High edible value, in addition to cooking porridge, but also can make a variety of nutritious food and wine.

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