According to the request of the Food Bureau (FSA) recently, a request was made by the Food Bureau (FSA) for approval of the new food product (FSA) in accordance with the requirements of the Food Safety Council (FSA).

It is understood that the application unit plans to use Dongge arigan extract in cereal nutrition bars, candy, drinks and food supplements.

The root extract of argyrrhiza tonkinensis is extracted from Dongge Ali and is commonly used as a beverage in many Southeast Asian countries.

New food or new food ingredients refer to the food or food ingredients that have not appeared and sold in the EU market before May 15, 1997. Any new type of food must undergo a strict food safety assessment before it is allowed to enter the EU market.

In the UK, the new food Advisory Board (acnfp) is responsible for the assessment of new foods. It is an independent academic institution designated by the Food Standards Agency.